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622 signal strength meter

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pardon me for asking but I am a DTV subscriber. I was checking out my parents 622 tonight. Their setup is a 61.5 dish and a dish 500 for 110/119.

The signal strengths on all the sats were on the order of 50 to 60. (that would be a weak signal on a DTV set). I noticed the scale goes up to 125.

Is 50-60 considered a weak signal on the 622's meter? I'm wondering if the dishes need aligning or have interference.

Metro Atlanta area.
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yeah, I noticed the note about the meter having recently changed and "no need to call" if it was in the green.
one other 622 question (instead of a seperate thread)...

how do you adjust the display mode from stretch to oneof the other modes? I could not find it in the menus or on the remote.
That sounds conspicuous enough. Don't know how I missed it.

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