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625 OTA pick up digital channels

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MY dad has a 625 and is getting ready to put up an antenna and wants to know if the 625 will only scan analog or if it will scan digital channels as well.

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The 625 cannot receive any OTA AT ALL because it does not have an OTA tuner - either analog OR digital. All the 625 can receive is DBS signals.

The ANTENNA port on the back is to enable OTA passthru only. Sort of like a VCR.

Edit - now - if you mean 622 - that has an ATSC digital OTA tuner that would need to be connected to an antenna.
So what receivers do have an OTA tuner in them? ONly the VIP series ?

He was told it did thats why he got that one. shows how much the csr people know

He is going to get an HDTV soon but he was thinking dish might have something better out in 6 months so he tought he would wait and they said this was the best DVR they had and he says they said it would pick up the OTA channels just like the 622/722 does
only the 622 and 722 have OTA antennas, as they are also HDTV receivers. The non DVR MPEG receivers also have OTA digital tuners, but no analog tuners.

The 625 is an Standard Defiintion DVR - and Dish has never made a SD DVR that has had an OTA tuner. A LONG time ago, Dish made a Model 5000 DBS receiver that did have an analog OTA tuner - but that model hasn't been made in several years.

A 612 (relatively new) dual tuner single output DVR also has the OTA digital tuner.

Actually - I'd say it shows how much you and/or your Dad knows. Find out EXACTLY what model he has and we can go from there. But guesses are worse than worthless.
Well, there was the JVC DVHS DSR100, based on the 5000, but the recording was to tape rather than HDD.

Models with an OTA tuner:
NTSC only: 5000, D-VHS
Digital only: 211, 222, 612, 622/722
Digital and NTSC: 6000 (with 8VSB module), 381/811, 921, 942
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