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7.1 Audio analog connection

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For the analog outputs 7.1 those that are running them For blu ray or plan to run them what cables are you running what would you recommend. Belden 1694A Belden 1505F Belden 1505A are a few iam looking at Thanks
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Cholly said:
You can go over to AVSForum and ask the question, and some snobs will advise you to get high priced cables
I doubt it. The vast majority of members at AVS know where to get great cables on the cheap. They also know what snake oil is.

Altcool said:
Second I make my own cables and choose to use quality materials. Better than buying store made over priced moster cables that are of less quality.
Probably true, but NOBODY advocates buying store made over priced monster cables. You'd be hard pressed to make your own cables that are equal to the quality of cables at places like monoprice or bluejeans and still save money.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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