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721 - anyone else see these bugs ??

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I purchased a never used 721 on ebay and I've been pleased with it so far. Hey - better late than never. ;)

I've experienced two bugs that I was surprised are not fixed in a "mature" DVR. The 721 has the latest L322 software.

1) The infamous "jump to live" bug that was the subject of much celebration when it was fixed in the 501 years ago. I'm surprised to see it now in my 721 - particularly when it has two tuners.

For the newbies, the "jump to live" bug is when you are recording a program that you are also watching "delayed" at the same time (from using pause or start-over). Right at the moment that the recording finishes, the receiver jumps ahead to live.

This is especially odd with the 721, since it should be recording the program on a different tuner than the delayed viewing. I've encountered this bug twice already.

2) Some of the "Weekly" timers that I have created, will mistakenly record every day at that time and channel. I've encountered this bug three times already. I think that in each case, I have edited the timer to remove the 3 minutes extra at the end.

Has anyone seen these bugs while using their 721 ?
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No, but even if I did, I think the benefits of the 721 including NO monthly fees far outweigh the negatives. If you want a bulletproof no fee box get a Tivo or a Dish 501/508. I prefer the 721 over all the others listed in this post.
Not me.

The Jump to live thing has not affected me for at leadst a year. And the recent software got rid of the eroneous "stop" recording when you meant "stop the program I'm watching".

I have also discovered that now when you hit the "cancel" button, when in a menu of any kind and watching a recording of a program currently being recorded (that's confusing to describe) it will remove the menu. If you hit the "view" button, it will take you to "live"

See ya
I need the head-striking-wall smilie - as the 721 does not have the "Jump To Live" bug. When I setup my 721, I copied all the timers from the 501 it replaced. This included an "Auto-Tune" timer for the same channel as the preceding 1 hour recording (so that the buffer would remain on that same channel - the 501 has a tendency to change to a previous channel after a recording).

I had forgotten this (partially because the 721's "date sort" of timers is faulty and also because I have turned off the annoying flashing timer icon), and so was assuming that there was a Jump-To-Live bug.

PS Nevertheless, I have recently encountered another instance of the second bug the "weekly timer records daily" bug. For some reason, this bug seems to be corrected simply by editing the timer, and clicking done...
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