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721 bug?

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I have the caller id working fine but when I hit menu and callerid history nothing happens. All it does is lag things out for a few seconds. I have rebooted and that doesn't help. Any idea's?
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Mine stopped working once, I had to go to:

View Prefrences

I had to disable, then enable, and I rebooted.
CID started working again.

Thats about the only thing I can think of.
well the CID itself works when someone calls but I can't go into the call history.
Maybe give Dish Tech support a call ?

Only other option would be a (nvm reset) and I'm not so sure I would do that without calling Dish support first......:shrug:
I just had another odd thing happen and I had to reboot. I was recording Farscape and then after that a timer fired for Star Trek: TNG. After farscape was done I was going to turn to my local news but it wouldn't respond to the remote. So i tried the front panel and that didnt work either. So I rebooted and fixed it.
I called DISH tech support and they had me do a nvm reset. Now all is well. I am glad that didn't delete my timers or recordings! :D
Glad to hear everything is fine now.
Did you loose anything when you did the nvm reset?
Did you have to redownload the software?
nope I just had to run a check switch and redo my favorites list and re-enable a couple settings.
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