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This is an email I recieved from E* about the 721..

Thank you for your email. While a specific release date has not been slated, the release of the DISH PVR 721 has been targeted for April-May 2002. We have no further information regarding the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or upgrade promotions that may be available. We encourage you to stay tuned to future Charlie Chats and Technical Forums on Channel 101 for future updates. Please refer to the following list of features for the DISH PVR 721.

Combined satellite receiver, personal video recorder with internet capabilities
Two tuners for advanced recording and picture in picture capabilities on any TV
Largest hard drive ever offered in a PVR product for expanded recording and storage of programming
New, advanced user interface
7-day EPG with search
Caller ID with caller history
Software and hardware upgradable
PVR Features

Pause live TV
4X, 15X, 60X, 300X fast forward and reverse
Instant skip forward and skip back
Know at a glance what is recorded with info about each recording - instantly play, delete and protect programs
Program capture - no more "Oops, I forgot to record!"
2-Tuner Features

Picture-in-picture on any TV
Record two live programs at once
Record a live program while watching another live program
Record two live programs while watching a recorded program
Advanced Features

Specially designed universal UHF/IR remote with PIP functions
New IR keyboard with integrated remote control functions (optional)
Records Dolby Digital to the hard drive - perfect for home theater
Optical Dolby Digital output
2 - USB interfaces for other peripherals
Expansion port
Front panel A/V input jacks

Please note, the PVR721 will not support Firewire.

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I left a message in another thread, but I'll say it again - you can have all of this today - with no problems, excuses, or glitches. It's called UltimateTV or DirecTivo. I can't believe that Dish subs put up with this b.s. for as long as they do.


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purely preference for me. D* really messed one of my family members around, and we chose not to put up with it. I don't care for their recievers, either. Just preference.

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And I wonder what they mean by "hardware upgradable"... The ever mysterious expansion port is included.... hmmmm.

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At CES in January, a DishNetwork rep told me that they planned to support a web browser and email on the 721. At that time, the SW was only partially functional.

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Thanks for the info Larry. :)
I would hope on the next Charlie Chat, we will learn exactly what the 721 will do.
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