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Hello everyone!

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Just to give a little background behind my question, I've been a DishNetwork subscriber right after they began service. I paid $800 for my 2000 model receiver.

My next receiver was the Dishplayer I bought in December of the year they were first available.

A few months ago, I got married. Everything has been great, but there has been a little tension recently. It seems some of our shows now conflict with one another.

The solution... a 721.!

But I'm not sure what I need to order.

The dish I have has a dual LNB, but the dish is one of the original dishes and I only point at 119.

So, my question is, what do I need in order to upgrade to the 721? Do I need a dual dish, switches and/or something else?

BTW, I am grandfathered in under SHVA so I receive distant locals only. There are none offered via satellite in my area. Will changing receivers jeopardize my locals? I gotta have them or I really wouldn't need a PVR.

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Well - did you want to keep either one of your other receivers active as well ?

Is the extended guide a "requirement", or just "nice to have" ?

2nd answer first - the extended guide (commonly referred to as the 9-day guide), is only available on the 110 slot - and you would normally need a Dish500 to get it and the 119 slot. If you don't get 110, your 721 will only have the same 2 day guide you're used to.

For the first question - if all you want is the 721, taking your other 2 receivers offline, and 119 only, then all you need is to run both cables to the location where the 721 is going to be placed.

119 only, but one or both of the older receivers as well - put in a 2x4 Multiswitch (both LNB outputs to the switch, all receivers connect to the switch). Again, run 2 cables to the 721, and individual cables to each of the others.

119 and 110, 721 only - get a Dish500, and get the TWIN LNB. Both cables go from the Dish500 TWIN to the 721.

119 and 110, 721 plus 1 or both of the older receivers - get the Dish500 dish, but equip it with 2 Dual LNB's and a SW64 (if your keeping the 2000 active). If just the Dishplayer, then you could use the above mentioned, or replace the SW64 with an SW44, or use the QUAD LNB (no switches required). I don't know if the 2000 can use the SW44 or the QUAD, it depends on how many tests it does when you "Check switch", you may wish to ask Dish Tech support.

Regarding Grandfathering - I don't think changing receivers should disqualify you, but ask again to be sure. Same goes for changing your Dish. If you were truly "less than Grade B", then grandfathering wouldn't make any difference. "Grandfathering" may be going away anyway, regardless.
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