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721 timer conflict ??

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So when the 721 says I have a timer conflict (usually after trying to set up a new timer), why does it only give me the option of deleting, the timer I just set, or one other timer. Shouldn't it give me 3 choices, 2 current timers, plus the new one.

There are also times, it says conflict and I can't even find more then one other current timer.
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sometimes an older timer from a pre-empted event or an event that is no longer on will still be set in the timer list, but it won't show up on the guide.

the 721 is definitely lacking in the timer conflict management.. What kind of system would you prefer? It needs to support conflict management in the case that you have a bunch of short 30 minute programs recording all day long on both tuners.. then what happens when you decide to add one more timer to record an audio channel from noon to 7pm (which is one program).. it's hard to fit all the conflict options on one screen..

I suggest a recording preference level.. so you just set lower priority shows to low.. it'll warn you that they won't record, but it doesn't force you to delete them.. so you don't have to re-set them up the next week.. (if you were just recording something else one-time that conflicted with it)
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I would like to see all 3 timers, and pick the one that I would like to delete permanetly or the one time.
3 timers..
one I am trying to set,
and the two (dual tuners, already set that conflict with the new one)
This shouldn't be that difficult..
bill, you're not quite grasping what my point was.. what happens when the program you are adding a timer for is 2 hours long, and that spans 8 different 30 minute shows that are currently set to record during that two hour period?

It's hard to fit all those timers on the screen at one time.
Yes it would be hard to fit them, but not impossible and in that example you would have to delete four timers to add that one 2 hour timer, but, if you have to list them with less info, such as they are in the PVR menu, so that they fit then they should do it. That would work fine, list them all and say you must delete 4 timers.
It should then give the option of deleting the timer, or just skipping it this one time. Or it should know that if the timer you are creating is only one time then it should skip those timers you selected just once.
My main issue is that I believe there is some kind of bug because there are times I am told there are conflicts, and after looking though all the timers I realized there aren't any conflicts.
My new 721 is getting those phantom conflicts too. Other than that its working GREAT!
I had a problem with Monday night weekly timers conflicting with a saturday night weekly timer but it cleared itself up eventually.
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