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722/622 System Info Screen box B

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On the System Info One screen what does the box "b" indicate.
I know it is lost locks but is it lost locks for tuner one (top number) and tuner two (bottom number)?
That is what I thought it meant anyway.

My upper number is always significantly lower then the lower number in the box.
It usually runs at a 1:4 ratio so say I have 10 in the upper box then the lower box will be around 40.

Being as I thought it was tuner 1/2 I decided to reverse the sat input cables and see if the numbers would reverse. They did not.

I then installed a “Separator” on just one cable and fed both sat inputs from a single cable. I still get the large difference between the lower and upper numbers in box B. Both my 722 and 622 show about the same readings in this box.

Does anyone have an explanation as to what this box represents and what are considered good/bad readings?

Also, anyone know of a post that explains all the readings and info and what it means from the Diagnostics/Counters screen? A lot of the counters info I can figure out but a lot is still a guess!
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My 622 is the same. When I first got mine over 2yrs. ago it used to mean signal losses per tuner. You could go into the details and it would actually spell out how many losses per tuner and that info would jive with box B. But that info disappeared some time ago. Now the details box lists data on STB health. Signal level per tp for each orbital location on each tuner. I don't know if the B box is still relevant anymore.
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