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722 down, using OTA. Question

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Until my 722 get repaired, I have moved the RG-6 cable from the dish to my TV's ATSC tuner and it works great for OTA.

I would like to keep this setup after the 722 is repaired for bad weather. Is it as simple as installing a splitter before the 722 and cabling directly to the TV?

Background: I have an HD Antenna wired into my dish and a single cable run to the 722.
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Sure. Just add a splitter after the diplexer that separates the sat and OTA signals, and run one cable into the OTA port on the receiver and the other cable into your TV.
And if the splitter causes you to lose some digital channels replace it with a RF distribution amp. You don't want one with a lot of gain if you were getting all your locals with good signal strength before you used the splitter. Usually an amp with a 3 - 6 dB gain will do.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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