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Is your 3rd Program recorded or live. If live you can only do that if your two programs on TV1 is OTA and Dish Sat Channel. you cannot watch 3 live DIsh Sat channels at one time. If the show is recorded.. then yes you can...

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Does OTA stand for over the air? Im not quit sure of what over the air means though lol. I would want to record for example CBS AND NBC on Tv1 but then watch say Disney channel on TV2 is that possible? Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot, but when it comes to SAT I am lol. I have always had cable.
I am getting a 2nd standard receiver for TV3 and TV4. Will they let me choose which room my hd dvr shares with ?

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TV1 represents one satellite tuner, and TV2 represents the other. A tuner can only be set to a single channel at a time. You do also have an "over the air" tuner that is not fed from the dish. You can feed an antenna signal into this tuner, allowing you to record, or watch 3 live shows at the same time. Watching a recorded show doesn't take up a tuner, so you can always watch that while recording either 2 satellite programs or 2 satellite and 1 OTA program.

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mercator1 said:
You can feed an antenna signal into this tuner, allowing you to record, or watch 3 live shows at the same time.
Record - yes. Watch - no. The receiver will only buffer two tuners.

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Let me break it down a little further.

The 722 has two satellite tuners and an off the air tuner. If you get an off the air digital signal from your locals, you can tune three channels at once.

The 722 has a hard drive. The program on each of those three channels can be recorded to the hard drive simultaneously.

The 722 has two banks of outputs, one bank able to output HD and the other is able to output SD. Generally, these are referred to as TV1 and TV2.

The 722 operates in two modes.

One of those modes uses only TV1 outputs. If that is the mode you decide to use, then you can record something on one satellite tuner and something from the OTA tuner and watch the other satellite tuner. It varies in combination, but you cannot have all the tuners recording and watch something live, but you can watch something recorded.

In the other mode the system uses both TV1 and TV2 outputs. They use different remotes. And one satellite tuner "belongs" to each. If your satellite tuner is recording, you can't watch satellite TV live. But you can watch any recording on the drive recorded by any tuner.

Obviously there are more complications than this, but that's the basics. It's all about three tuners, a hard drive, and two sets of outputs. They just happen to be in one box connected by computer circuitry.
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