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The online indication does not pertain to the EHD being connected to you receiver. Have you tried connected the EHD to the other USB port? How old is the EHD? Please let me know. Thanks.

ryan8886 said:
I've done a couple searches but can't seem to find the answer i need. I'm on my 2nd replacement 722 in the last three months. Not sure what that's all about...but that's not the problem. With both replacements, my Western Digital EHD keeps randomly getting disconnected from the 722. Once it did it right in the middle of the movie i was watching. I get an error that pops up saying an incompatible device is attached. I've done several soft and hard reboots on both the drive and the 722 but the problem persists. After a hard reboot, the EHD shows up again in My Media but always disconnects again after varying lengths of time. I spoke with a tech on the last 722 and he supposedly re-hit everything, however when I log into my Dish account and look at My Equipment it still indicates that EHD is not enabled. Not sure if that makes a difference or not seeing as it's been in use for years. Any ideas??
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