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722 replacing 721 Questions

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Today I have an installer coming to replace my 721 with a 722. It appears from the picture of the back of the 722 that like the 721 it requires to feeds into the receiver, but unlike the 721 will have one go out (to the 2nd TV). Does the 722 require that there be two separate input feeds or could they use one and add a separator? I'm asking because if they have to have two separate lines, the installer will need to run another line to the 2nd TV (I was hoping he could just run the return to the 2nd TV using the 2nd input to the 721 since where it is in the garage is on the same wall where the 2nd TV will be hooked up.
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You can use a separator if you have DPP switch or dish.

There is a coax output that will go to the extra tv... you can use a splitter and use the same cable as a return line to the switch and use a splitter there also to go to the Home Run box if you have one.

Otherwise you can just run the coax output to the other tv if it is close.

The installer will take care of it.
Installer took care of it w/o any problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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