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722 Software or LNB?

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I posted this on the "Bugs" thread, but I assume I posted to the wrong place:

I noticed that my subscribed local channels often go to a blank screen for a second or two (pink screen on HD TV1, black on TV2), since my 722 was installed a few weeks ago. Is that related to a software issue, or does it sound like an LNB problem? I'm having no other drop out problems with non-local channels, or OTA channels. And, the same problem is occurring on my other TVs that are still connected via 501s, but only since the 722 and new dish was installed. For that matter, could the wind have done some crazy thing last week that would affect only subscribed local channels?
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cmtar said:
Could be wrong but i would a software problem because if all other channels are find then the lnb's are working fine...right?
The reason I was leaning towards the LNB being the problem, is that it started after the new dish was installed to support the 722. I still have a couple of 501 tuners in other rooms that never had this probelm, but now they do. I would assume that 501s didn't have any type of software change.

What do each of the three LNBs support? Does one of them receive subscribed locals only?
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