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I've started to experience intermittent "signal loss" warnings when flipping between frequently watched channels. The problem is always remedied by simply bumping up/down a channel, and the "loss" never coincides with weather conditions, but only when changing channels.
I've checked signal strength often, and values are still the same as when the antenna was installed (~ 50 on 61.5 and 72 xponders), and check switch tests are O.K. The system status check gives the LNB drift warning, and a value of 72, even, -13. That figure seems excessive, and the documentation I've seen seems to indicate that readings that high may be false.
I swapped the LNB with my new spare, and a "system status" check reported the same exact error for LNB drift. Is the LNB drift something that's updated instantly or is the error indication based on history? If so, is there a way to clear it? And if it's not an LNB problem at all but is indeed a false reading, any suggestions on what to check for the signal loss? Is it possible the signal loss and LNB drift indications may be due to the diplexer?
I have a single 722k with a 1000.4 EA setup (operating as expected for about two years), two 50' runs of 3 Ghz rated RG-6 directly to a dual ground block, and then one 20' run of RG-6 to the diplexer at the receiver and two 10" pieces of coax to the receiver LNB inputs. I've triple checked all coaxial connections.
I'm planning to remove the diplexer and feed both LNB outputs directly to the reciever as a troubleshooting step. Any information/suggestions would be appreciated.
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