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722k: I assume that we will get 'Auto Hop' soon? :)

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We are forced to get updates with things 'we' don't want/need (blockbuster) but how about things I would love, 'Auto Hop'??
(automagically skips F___ing commercials)

This would save my remote control the agony of being pressed so much at the first sign of "satan's brain-washing' but is the 722k up to it?

PS: If I/we pay for a channel's programming, why is Hollywood networks upset with 'Auto Hop'? I already paid for these 'brain numbing' shows so why must I see these 'satanic commercials'??
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Not likely. The Auto Hop feature is only for the All Network recorded shows on the Hopper. The 722 doesn't have that capability.
it may happen sooner than you think.
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