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771 & Channel Not Purchased Error

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Long time lurker, first time poster. Anyway, I completed a search of the forum, and it looks like this used to be a problem back in November, but I haven't heard much about it lately. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing it.

Whenever I am watching an HD channel (such as WMAQ, the local HD NBC station) and then change to an SD channel (like CNN), I either receive the message 771 (Searching for Signal) or "Channel not Purchased." One time I even got a message saying something like "Showing has Ended." If I then change to an alternate SD channel (like MSNBC), the problem goes away (i.e., MSNBC comes in), and I can also then tune back in to CNN.

I have called DirecTV several times about this. They originally sent me a new box, but the new box (the one I currently have) has the same problem.

I am not using a multiswitch (apart from the one that is on the 5 LNB dish). Moreover, I consistently have strong signals from all of the relevant satellites (and I confirmed this with DirecTV). I have tried switching the inputs on the back of the box and removing the B-band converters.

Multiple technicians have come out to test the signal strength using their special devices, and they confirm that the signal strength is fine. DirecTV seems to think hat the multiswitch on the dish might be bad, but the technicians don't seem to think this is the case.

Is anybody else still having similar problems? Thanks for your help; it's getting to be pretty frustrating.
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I'm using the 6x8 multi-switch that DirecTV told me to use, and I get the same message on ALL of my HD Denver channels on both HD receivers. The other HD channels are fine. D* had no idea, so they are sending a tech out Monday.

I had a bad built in switch on the new dish. These type problems went away after the tech changed the 5lnb head.
Hi DirecTVChicago:

I had the same problem when I got my HR20. All of my locals (SD) showed up as 771 - channel not purchased although my Tivo unit (in another room) still had the SD locals just fine and the D* CSR told me locals were activated (with my main package) for the new HR20.

After some searching, the CSR figured out that for some reason, my locals on the HR20 were being blocked since the MLB EI package had expired after the season ended. No idea why the heck the two would be related, but he said they were. He re-upped the MLB package, reset the locals (SD) for my HR20, and they then were working. I don't know if this helps, but who knows.
I have had the same problem as you. I just received my third HR20, the first 2 new with 9/06 and 11/06 manufacture dates. This one was refurbished. It has made no difference. Calls to D* ususally last about an hour and a half with everyone scratching their heads. My second unit was interesting. I would have the satellite HD channels and periodically lose them once I went to a non HD satellite channel. If I then went to a local HD channel, assuming I could get it in, I would then get the HD satellite channels back. I've had a repairman out who couldn't find anything. At one point, we thought it may have been the duplexers I had installed to route cable and satellite through one jack. But, when we took off the duplexers, I had the same problem. We've changed B Band converters at least 6 times without any improvement. I do have a 6X8 multiplexer (the new one, required for the 5LNB dish), but I've been assured that that's not the problem. I have finally decided to give up the ghost on this receiver. Maybe when all of the bugs are worked out. I'm going back to my HR10. It runs like a dream, I have a Terk OTA antenna that gets most of the locals, and I prefer the Tivo part to this receiver. If you get any answers, let me know
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So, this Saturday, I had the installer come out to replace the multiswitch/LNBs. Unfortunately, this did not fix the problem, so DirecTV is sending me another box. Perhaps the third one will work.

Thanks for everyone's help; I appreciate it.
We had the same problem on 1 of our units, it got fixed after rewiring. The first tech had 7 splices from the dish, yet techs still had high signals. Reran the lines on our own with 0 splices, problem solved.
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