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So, I'm having trouble with one receiver getting 771 errors and the other not showing ANY errors at the same time the first receiver is getting errors.

My setup:

3LNB SWiM --> 21v PI --> 4-way SWiM Splitter --> HR21 (771 errors randomly) --> HR22 (no 771 errors)

This setup has worked without issue (including using Whole-Home via ethernet cables) for two years. Then, back in July, problems started happening. The HR21 would receive 771 errors starting at night anywhere from 6pm-midnight during live TV and DVR recordings (no way to tell if happened earlier as I don't DVR anything during the day and work during the day).

However, when the HR21 would report 771 errors, the HR22 would be fine. Any DVR program on the HR21 for about a week and a half straight that fell into that timeframe would have anywhere from 3-5 minutes of time missing due to a signal loss (per the message that pops up during the recording indicating it did not record completely). There were a couple of longer outages (usually over 5 minutes) that were followed by a 776 error message - then magically signal returns as if nothing happened.

There were no storms or other interference other than triple digit temperatures during those times.

It's settled down the past week or so - only seeing it randomly and usually at night, but it's still happening. I've checked cables to ensure they are all tight and I've done a couple of receiver resets on the HR21, all to no avail.

The receivers are in different rooms and are about the same cable lengths from the splitter to the receivers.

What do you think the cause could be where it would affect one receiver, but not the other?

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It could either be an issue with the receiver, cables/splitters, or signal strength.

With signal strength, one receiver might have issues while another does not. Can you go ahead and post your signal strengths on the problem receiver?

You can also try swapping the receivers around. If the issue moves with the receiver, the receiver is the problem. If the issue remains behind, the issue could very well be a wiring issue. You could also try switching port the problem receiver is using on the splitter in case the splitter is the issue (very unlikely though).

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Do you only have the two recievers? If you only have the two then you only need a 2 way splitter

You can also try the following: go to the splitter, (hopefully it is a green lable), disconnect it from the dish input, leave the power supply connected, connect one cable to the recievers with a barrel connecter and go see which reciever is now getting signal.

Mark that cable for location,

If the cable you connected is not to the trouble location, then go change them until you find it.

When you find the cable feeding the problem location, then leave every thing alone for 24 hours and see what the results are.

If all your troubles go away, then I would say it is the splitter, if you still have trouble, then swap recievers again wait 24 hours, what happens?

If you now have trouble with the 'other' reciever, go connect the cable (tru the barrel) to the other location and do this all over.

By doing this you isolate where the problem is, splitter, cable, reciever.

Let us know
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