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Hi all - New to directv(from dish) due to Sunday ticket and found out that I don't actually receive local channels in my area. Can't tell you how frustrating this is. Read on some sites that you can "fib" and change your service address and get these channels. Several of my friends already are doing this so I thought why not me? I gave my father in laws address and they hooked up the programming for locals and they are listed now in my guide. Of course, 771 errors. After calling they first hadn't activated the new address then after seeing 771 they wanted to send someone out. OOPS. Well I got out of that one but now I'm just stuck without these channels. Only about 100 miles from the address so it should not be a problem with reaching that satellite. I have no local installers anywhere close and no one that can help me out that I know of in town. I know this works for others and I'd really like to get it for me also. Does anyone have any steps to take to resolve this? I have the slimline dish, then a hd dvr and another regular hd receiver. Do you really think this is a tech issue or possibly a dish position? I can handle the techy stuff but I don't know where to start so if you could guide me I'd really appreciate it! Thanks - Gilm
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