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I have read through various posts pertaining to this subject and although I have some similarities, I also think my situation is unique.

Background: I have Slimline Dish at the edge of my property on a pole. Four lines come off the LNB's through rigid conduit (20) feet through a grounding plug and into the house. Due to moving cables over the last 15 years with Directv, the cables enter an additional grounding plug and then go approx.
60' to the Zinwell multiswitch.

I currently have 3 HD DVR's (HR20) (HR22) (HR24) on the HD System. I had my HR24 offline for about 3 weeks while I did some painting and when I reattached everything, I was getting 771 error message no Sat 2 on the HR24

I went through calling a CSA and troubleshooting, reset, hard reboot etc....nothing worked. I made up some new RG6Q cables and ran them from the multiswitch to the HR24 and everything was fine. I then reattached the original 2 cables from the multiswitch and voila -everything is working fine.

However, there are 2 channels I still cannot get 552/556 Showtime I think. Error message says 771 No Sat 2 signal. I go upstairs and check the HR22 and they tune in perfectly. I check the HR 20 same error message. I do a hard reboot of HR20 (unplug) channels come in but it takes a second or two for them to actually aquire signal.

I go back in the basement and check the sat. setting numbers on the transponders for tuner1/2 and for whatever reason, 99(s) 103(s) take FOREVER to come up.

My question is... besides the numbers above, is it possible that my TV's are too far away from the multiswitch? As I stated in the beginning, the 4 incoming lines travel 60 some feet to the multiswitch and from there the HR22 is 20' away, the HR24 is 35' away and the HR20 is 70' away.

Would a SWM 8/16 solve any of these issues or is there an aplifier I could put on the exit side of the grounding block that would help boost the signal?

Thanks, Sorry it's winded.
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