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771 on Tuner 2 after rain fade

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I have been reading this forum for a long time and this is my 1st post. I have a HR21-700 with a 5LNB Slimline dish. The issue I am having is I get 771 on tuner 2 after rain fade and the only way I can get it to re-acquire is to reset the system. I know this is a problem with the DVR itself because I can swap the cables and tuner1 will still acquire and 2 will not. I have had DTV out to the house and the tech re-peaked the dish and swapped out a couple connectors. My system was installed last November but I just started having this issue about a month ago. There have been no changes to the system so I am thinking this may be a software related issue. I have asked CS to escalate this to engineering and I am waiting for a reply.

This forum has helped me to resolve many problem in the past and my hope is that someone is aware of this issue and knows the resolution.

Thanks in advance.
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I've seen nothing that indicates that help is on the way for this issue. I posted asking the mods if their contacts were aware of the issue and got no response.

So, not really sure if its being worked on, been going on since the begining of the year.
Thanks for your first post to DBSTalk.com! You are no longer a "lurker." :)
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