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771 on Tuner 2 on some channels

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I'm still seeing the 771 message on tuner 2 on some channels (my local HD channel 5, WRAL) for example. I'm trying to trace the problem down myself.

From my understanding, the MPEG-4 channels require a BBC. I have nearly the same signal strengths between my two tuners, and the one that's lower is actually tuner 1. I'm leaning towards a bad BBC.

Can someone point me to a list of channels that would require a BBC so I can rule this out, or suggest a troubleshooting method for this?

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channel that require a BBC are going to be your high-def like, cnn (202), weather channel (362), fx (dont know the channel numebr), and more high-def channel. dont look at the ones in the 70 those dont require the BBC and are still coming off a different sat, i think.
The channels that require a BBC are on this listing of channels carried on the DirecTV10 and DirecTV11 satellites.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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