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Used a HR 10 for two years. No problem with losing signal.
Started using HR 21 about two weeks ago. Living room and bedroom.
On the Living Room rig I first I received the 771 message once or twice a week with signal loss on Tuner 2.
Would restart and that would take care of it for a day or two,
Now, last night, the signal disappeared from both tuners completely but only on the Living Room box. While the HR21 in the bedroom continued working.
Clearly some HR 21's, whatever the reason, is not as good at locking onto and retaining signals. I can appreciate that there can be variations in signal strength but obviously the HR20 was more robust in this matter.
Thing is...I think I can live with this if DirecTV have acknowledged the problem and are working on it.
Is that the case? Y
ou wouldn't think so by talking to their CSR's.

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I do believe there are some tuner issues specific to the HR21. For example, the reports of 771’s continuing after rain fade has ended. One thing I’d suggest is checking all the cables, connectors, etc. between the dish and the receiver. One intermittently bad connection can cause problems. Look closely “inside” each connector to make sure none of the outer shielding braid is visible where it could possibly touch the center conductor. “Rebooting” the multiswitch and LNB by disconnecting all satellite feeds might help, too. I would also suggest some methodical troublshooting by swapping connections, cables, and BBC’s, etc. to make sure the issue is always with tuner 2. If it is, then I’d get D* to replace the receiver.
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