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99(s) transponder mapping?

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Anyone know what's slated for 99(s) transponders 1-6?

My DMA is Lexington, Ky. (not on Directv HD LIL list), so I'm wondering why I've been getting signals on transponders 1-6: 96, 50, 100, 0, 100, 44.

All others on 99(s) are N/A or 0, and 99(c) ranges from 75-85. The nearest neighboring HD LIL, Louisville, went live before D11 parked.

Will RSNs use these spot beams? Or are they just testing for a remote Lex. LIL eventuality? Or is the signal meter lying to me with those 100s?:rolleyes:
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You (and I) are probably seeing the spot beams for Dayton, Evansville, Ft. Wayne, and Chattanooga that are supposed to get HD LIL soon.

They may not even be pointed correctly yet, and may be aimed temporarily at KY.

Not to totally dash your hopes, but don't get them too high, either...
The first set of 99(s) were usually the original Spaceway. The 2nd set was expected to be D11. RSN's are all going on the national transponders.
Thanks. I was under the mistaken impression that all 99(s) assignments were new. Dang it.
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