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A chance to own an authentic piece of Super Bowl XXXVI history

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Former New England Patriots safety Je'Rod Cherry is holding a raffle drawing for an authentic piece of history from Super Bowl XXXVI,his Super Bowl ring.The raffle drawing will take place on Thursday,November 27,2008.Anyone interested in a chance at winning this prize can view the official information and purchase raffle tickets at the following link.


Tickets for the raffle start at $2.00 each,with a minimum of 5 tickets per purchase.Ticket prices decrease for orders of more than 5 tickets.The winner of the raffle drawing will also receive a cash prize in the amount of $16,265.00 to mitigate the winner's tax liability that results from winning the raffle.The cash prize will be withheld and paid,on behalf of the winner,directly to the IRS ( $13,440.00 ) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ( $2,825.00 ).
The following link contains an article about the raffle,along with a photo of the ring.

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Tickets drop down to .75 cents each if you buy 100 or more.
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