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A couple of installation and activation questions - new customer

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DirecTV currently has a backlog of about a month in the Houston area... and I'm trying to get my in-laws setup with DirecTV.

I've setup many directv systems, including my own, over the years... up to and including my latest w/ a AU9S and SWM-8.

So... I've setup the new account w/ Solid Signal, and they're sending me everything I need... AU9S, WB616, and 7 receivers.

But... here's my questions.

1> This is the big question - will DirecTV activate the account w/o an installer being here? If I put up the dish, wire everything up, and have all 7 receivers getting a good strong signal... am I going to bet left waiting a month for the installer to come by and sign off on it so that I can activate?

2> I've never done a roof mount install. Do I literally just set the foot on top of the shingle, and drive the lag bolts through the shingle? Do I need to use some kind of sealant?

3> Wires... what's the best way to get the wires to the dish? I'm not thrilled with the idea of drilling a hole in the roof and just sticking wires through, and trying to seal it. Should I just go down to the soffit and run up from there? Go through the ridge vent? Other options?

4> Grounding... can my ground point be inside the attic? IE, the ground wire from the dish runs into the attic and attaches there... or does it have to be grounded outside?
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