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A few minor glitches

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Over the last few weeks, since I got 59E on my 3 HR24s, I've noticed a few minor glitches on the main setup. At the main location, I have 2 HR24s that connect via a HDMI switch to my Sony AVR and then to the Panny plasma via HDMI.

1. When powering up, there is a very noticeable lag before the audio starts at all. Get the picture and all is fine, just no audio for about 20 seconds.

2. Sometimes, for no rhyme or reason, when I skip an ad, the show will start playing again with no audio. A quick skip back usually brings the audio in fine.

3. Sometimes when changing channels, the info portion of the screen at the top will be in some odd resolution. ie; the picture of the actual show is fine, but the info is huge and blocky. Generally just changing channels back and forth causes that to fix itself. But on more rare occasions, I'll have to fiddle with a few menu selections to get things back to normal.

None of these are earth shattering, all are pretty trivial, but irritating. None of these happened prior to 59E.

Anyone seeing this?

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