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A little help with eastern arc on 1000.4

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I am trying to get the eastern arc on a 1000.4. I am in 293 zip code area

I am only getting 61.5 on lnb 2 right now with about a 65 signal quality

Elevation is at 45 and skew is 77.

Can anyone give me specific instructions from here

I had 72.7 yesterday on lnb 1 with elevation at 48 and skew the same and just a couple notches east on azimuth

I know they are supposed to be 72.7, 77 and 61.5 in that order

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cover the lnbs for 72.7 and 77 with aluminum foil and align on the 61.5. Remove foil and peak all sats if necessary.
Try setting the elevation at 47 or 48 and cover the 72.7 and 77 lnbs. It sounds like the elevation is too low if you are getting 61.5 on lnb 2. If you are too low then you will not get the 61.5 on any of the lnbs. I have installed many of these and it always works if you use the 61.5 lnb because 72.7 and 77 are too close together that it easy to get the wrong one.
I believe you would move it to the left about 8 degrees if you are behind the dish. Leave the skew alone.
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