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A little help with eastern arc on 1000.4

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I am trying to get the eastern arc on a 1000.4. I am in 293 zip code area

I am only getting 61.5 on lnb 2 right now with about a 65 signal quality

Elevation is at 45 and skew is 77.

Can anyone give me specific instructions from here

I had 72.7 yesterday on lnb 1 with elevation at 48 and skew the same and just a couple notches east on azimuth

I know they are supposed to be 72.7, 77 and 61.5 in that order

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BNUMM said:
cover the lnbs for 72.7 and 77 with aluminum foil and align on the 61.5. Remove foil and peak all sats if necessary.
I tried that first but couldn't get locked on 61.5, so I covered lnb 1 and 3 trying to lock onto 72.7 but got 61.5 instead and ran out of daylight. so wanted to try with some new knowledge tomorrow
so if I am getting 61.5 on lnb 2 now and want to get it on lnb 3 which way to rotate dish and about how much. and go up on elevation to about 47 or so. What about skew?
Thanks I'll give it a try again tomorrow
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