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I was intrested in this , and lets face it, Bonds is starting out RED HOT, just thought I would post his numbers.

Over the next 4-5 years Barry Bonds will soon hold some major offensive records for his career.

Here are the numbers:

Homeruns bonds has 571 the record is 755 184 difference.

rbi's bonds has 1551 the record is 2297 746 difference.

runs bonds has 1713 the record is 2248 535 difference.

bb bonds has 1724 the record is 2141 517 difference.

let's use a 5 year plan here: which is his current contract. to obtain all these records he would have to average:

37 hr
149 rbi
107 runs
104 walks

except for the rbi's and baring injuries I would say the rest of these will be almost a lock. he will most likely have to play another season or 2 to obtain the rbi record.

Let's not forget Bonds is also closing in on 500 stolen bases which in my opinion is the most amazing thing he has done. Over 500 Hr's and 500 stolen bases in his career.

We are now watching history in the making so if you get a chance to watch Bonds play you should do it now while you still can.

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This guy is a bum and a cancer in the clubhouse.
As for the stats, MLB ended around 1995/1996 so these padded stats don't mean anything to me. Just look at Sosa. Look how his "outbreak" late in his career compared to early on. Baseball is so watered down and out of touch with america that I'd rather watch bowling on TV.
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