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A Serious Question to which I Just Cannot Find the Answer

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Q: How, at the frickin' age of 71, is Raquel Welch still so damn beautiful?!?

Did anyone see CSI:Miami Sunday? She starred as the villain and was looking unbelievable. Even one of her dresses was rather revealing up top, if you know what I mean, and nothing looked artificial! Oh, sure, maybe she has had some work done, but if so, she's the only person I know whose work is totally unnoticeable. The woman's 71 frickin' years old and is simply unbelievably HOT!

How?!? :confused:
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Two words

Alien Technology :)
Well, whatever the explanation, I hope nothing changes! :D
The SMA (Society of Makeup Artists) have come a long way. ;)
It ain't the makeup on Raquel! Not even makeup can do that.
Lord Vader said:
It ain't the makeup on Raquel! Not even makeup can do that.
Sure it can. There was a recent episode of NCIS where the make up artists were able to take years off Gibbs and DiNozzo.
Lord Vader said:
It ain't the makeup on Raquel! Not even makeup can do that.
As reasons for her good looks, she mentions exercise, yoga, a strict diet, some hormone-replacement therapy, and three hours of makeup in the morning - but not plastic surgery.
There's something else involved. This woman's an anomaly.
IMO, she's lying about not having any plastic surgery but it's her choice/body.
Watched it yesterday and made a similar observation to Mr. DogLover. There may have been a nip or tuck here and there, but nothing that looks artificial. With all of those curves, nothing seemed to sag. While I've never had her figure, I have to admit that I was jealous of the shape she was in. I'd be happy to look half that good at her age.
Just don't look at her hips and thighs.
From what I saw of them Sunday, they looked just fine.
I'd hit it.
It must be the latest trend at CBS to get people to watch their tired "CSI" franchises. I read in TV Guide that they are going to have Jacklyn Smith appear in the original CSI as Hodges MOTHER (the lab tech).
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