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A Yahoo Series About Cyberterrorism

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From today's New York Times. The reviewer thinks Cybergeddon is a "better than average" TV thriller:

When you've created "CSI," you don't have a lot left to prove in the entertainment business. But Anthony E. Zuiker isn't resting on his television laurels [...]

Now Mr. Zuiker is taking his biggest step so far into new media with "Cybergeddon," a nine-part series that will be released, beginning on Tuesday, on the Yahoo! Screen video site.

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I don't know about the show but Missy Peregrym is eye candy.

Another sign that we're online: Ms. Peregrym's cleavage plays a larger role per minute than it does in prime time on "Rookie Blue."
Watched the first two 10-minute chapters. It's "different". :p Moves quickly, tho.

Warning to fellow iPad users. It's OK on Safari. Wants Flash if you're using iOS Chrome.

Thanks for the heads up! Just sampled a few minutes and it looks good. Reminds me of 24. Would love to see this on TV.
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