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ABC, ESPN Set NBA Broadcasting Teams

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NEW YORK (AP) Bill Walton and Tom Tolbert are heading from NBC to ABC and ESPN to call NBA games, while Charles Barkley signed a new deal with TNT.

Walton, a Hall of Famer, will team with play-by-play announcer Brad Nessler for ABC and ESPN, which, along with TNT, are starting a six-year, $4.6 billion TV rights deal with the NBA next season.

Tolbert, who played in the league from 1988-95, will join Mike Tirico as an ABC studio analyst and also will be a game analyst.

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That's really sad. Nessler's is ok but BILL WALTON.. I just don't get what they see in this guy! Sounds like NBC really didn't try hard to get good announcing teams.
It kind of like howard Cosell ... either you love hime or you hated him. Personnally Walton is a bit dramatic .. but he really knows the game and calls it as he sees it. I like him ... he gives the game a little excitement.... not to mention a few lines that make you go "huh". I also like Barkley .. he doesn't always think before he speaks .. but he makes it fun.
All that I have to say is: Where's The Snapper?........:D

Another reason to love NBA League Pass. :D
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