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rbonzer said:
I checked this out last week, and ABC's website had The Nine starting on the hour. TitanTV had it starting at 1 past the hour, but they were the only ones that had it this way.

I think that ABC says shows start on the hour, and are an hour long, but they aren't always. Some shows consistently go a bit longer, like Lost. My guess is that enough people complained to Tivo, or TitanTV that their favorite shows are being cut off, that they are just padding the schedule themselves to prevent more complaining.
TitanTV certainly wasn't the only one to show the actual starting times for the show. Zap2It.com uses the same source as DISH (and the DISH website program guide takes you there), DirecTV, and TiVo and shows things not at the top of the hour (or half hour). People wouldn't have complained to TiVo or DirecTV since they don't round the times off to be a multiple of 5 minutes like DISH does. They both record from the starting minute through to the ending minute and padding would extend those times. DISH's rounding to a 5 minute multiple is pretty unique. TiVo even has some option (I don't subscribe to know the details) to let you choose to go ahead and record the 58 or 59 minutes on another channel that would normally have to be skipped as a conflict since the show ran over the hour (as the published times show). You shouldn't use the starting times from ABC itself - they aren't going to point it out. Zap2It shows The Nine starting at :01 for the next two weeks, just like it showed for the 11th:
Wed 10/18 10:01 PM
Wed 10/25 10:01 PM
You have to access Zap2it.com via the DISH website to get the guide for shows starting last Monday (9th) to see that the published start for The Nine was

Channel: 245 ABC
October 11: 10:01PM

ABC has done it all week.

Help Me Help You October 10: 9:31PM (Dancing w/ Stars)
Boston Legal October 10: 10:01PM (Help Me Help You)

The Nine October 11: 10:01PM (Lost)

Six Degrees October 12: 10:01PM (Grey's Anatomy)

Brothers & Sisters October 15: 10:01PM (Desperate Housewives)

The exact same shows and times repeat 17-19 & 22 October causing the same missing minute of (Lost shows).

The :01 and :02 published times are accurate and get recorded through the published end of the show with a DirecTiVo. Any individual station can muck things up even more, but you shouldn't think that the ABC shows are actually an hour long - the above are 61 minutes and DISH rounds it down to 60 minutes.
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