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I've read about some problems with audio specifically on ABC Fam HD and I have them as well, but now I noticed watching Wheel Of Fortune tonight that I have the same issue on ABC HD. the SD channel does not have any issues what so ever though. The audio problem I am experiencing is such that every 15sec or so you will here a jittery buzz sound like the audio gets scrambled and all then back to clear right after. The picture is perfect and my signals are pretty good too so I'm just trying to figure out what is the problem with this??
I dont think its a connection or hdmi problem as abc or abc family were the only channels Ive noticed it on and really its only been during certain shows so far.
I've tried rebooting, and a complete reset with no luck as well. This is on my HR21 too btw with the latest national release.

Any advice/suggestions/input?
thanks in advance
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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