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Here's ABC's new 2012 schedule:
at futon critic

and for comparison purposes, check out TV Line's complete grid
Fall 2012 all networks grid

I'm a little worried about ABC's Sunday lineup of Once Upon a Time, Revenge & 666 Park Avenue. They're all fairly high-concept shows. Viewers might over dose on all the drama.

Putting Scandal in Thursday at 10am is a pretty strong vote of confidence in the show. I'm just not sure it deserves the slot.

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OUAT has been doing great on Sunday... but I'm nervous about "Revenge" moving to Sunday as well... though I have to say, I agree with a blog I read that said Regina and Victoria back-to-back is a pretty good match. I'm not exactly sure where I'd stick "666 Park Avenue," so I don't know...

I'm withholding judgement until I read more about CBS's new series, but as of now, ABC has the most new series that interest me. Some of the comedies look like they suck, but the dramas look very good!

The CW probably gets my second best award...

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