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I have been reading in the Usenet and in some Forums that people complain about MLB play-off games being broadcasted in this network. Well, I don't understand very well what people think when they are complaining about it.

Kids are the future of MLB and instead of showing all play-off games in prime time and in FOX or other channel they show them here. I have seen that people complain about MLB's prime time schedules and talk about "how baseball is losing the next generation, the kids" because they couldn't wait awake until 8PM to watch the games on the major networks.

So now MLB decides to show the play-offs on a network whose prime and sole audience is middle American families with young or teen aged kids, and they show all of these games from 1-6PM for the most part, right when all the kids are getting home from pre-school, school or whatever and everyone complains about the league for deigning to put playoff games on a second tier network.(I don't know the exact meaning in the United States of a network that gets 80 million homes).

Shouldn't this decision of showing play-off games be seen as you like a good movement toward getting the kids?

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I agree with you John. What's the big deal? Day games just meant I listened to them on the radio at work or followed along at cbssportsline.com. The day games should of allowed the fans at least in the CT and ET time zones the opportunity to watch the Twins/A's and Braves teams play on ABC Family. .

Larry Stewart in the LA Times had about 5 articles on this topic within the last week. Hello! What's the big deal?! So they are on the CBN/Family Channel/FOX Family/ABC Family channel with ESPN graphics. Anyone that has some sort of a brain should of figured out what was going on. The ABC Family feeds were available in every home market of the teams on the telecast from your local FOX station. Who cares if there are ESPN graphics on a FOX TV station as was the case on WNYW and KTTV last Friday night? Just be glad it's not McCarver spewing those confusing statements of we scored, no we didn't score and stuff like that from last night's game.

As a baseball fan who has always seen at least some playoff games during the day, I don't get what the big deal is about. There are more day playoff games now. They are on TV, so stop writing about it. I guess the tv columnists need something to write about for publication?

There's another article in today's Times about it and the fact that ABC Family has the rights until 2006. Fans, writers, whomever will just have to live with this for another couple of years. It's no big deal. ABC Family is channel 180 on Dish and 311 on DirecTV. Adults may just have to add this channel to the parents favorites list for games next October!!!????

I think that MLB should only have their games on the PPV Porn channels.

This would build up interest in the game and expose it to a hole new audience.

In addition, the extra revenue that PPV would generate would allow the Montreal Expos to play their 82 home games in 82 different parks next year.

Just think - Des Moines could have a game or 2, Fairbanks, Nome, Rochester - the choices are unlimited - even Detroit could have a major league team play a home game in their city.
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