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Wife and i are looking into brand new apartment complex that is being built close bye they just started moving in my early may of this year so the system is new and they are adding new building as we speak. they offer directv am thinking all i should have to do is to move my receivers . one is a hr-20 and my other is a d-15. only problem i can see is that have only one line run to all outlets but the awesome news in they have 3 drops in the living room and 2 in both bedroom
hoping all i should have to do is to run a single line to both

they have several local antennas on the tower will i be able to just grab my other locals like 55.1 55.2 just from the tower with no problems most of my transmitter for my locals stations are 12 to 16 miles from my new complex
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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