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Access to 722 menu without card?

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Is it possible to get to the menu (point dish) without a sub card?
If I can this saves me from having to tear out my 622 and all the wires to help point a 1000.4 dish.
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So my 622 card might work. I want be able to try it untill the end of this week.
Oh, let me clarify, I just bought the 722, should be here by the end of the week.
Im replacing my 622 and the two dishes I am currently using and rather than tear out the 622 and wires I hope to use the 722 to help aim the 1000.4, then sell the 622.

I do not lease.
P Smith said:
It should have internal card at least (non-functional perhaps, but good enough to make signal check).
Your right, it does. Worked like a charm once I got out the compass and realized I was looking to far to the east.

So did all of the 722's not have a S-video output and a ota antenna input?
Yep, your right, I just found out myself over on dishuser that its a 722k.

No problem, it has served its purpose as a good dish pointer. Ill just keep my 622.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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