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Let me start out with my contract is coming to an end and I was wanting to replace my HR20-700 with the HR34 and I have a HR20-100 which was a refurb that seems to drop the second input every so often and has been giving us alot of trouble. Long story short, 14 year customer, have swm 16, and 5 dvrs total. They are going to give me a HR34 free to replace HR20-700 and send a replacement for the other or order one for 99. The CR said I have all the flags, whole home, hd, etc., but the system wouldnt let them order, just gave an error. After her(who was nice and polite) and the supervisor couldnt get it to work they sent the acount for review. What could be holding the order up? Computer error? Im grandfathered in for DVR fees from the Tivo days, and am a little paranoid they may screw it up or something.

Anyone ever heard of this problem. Love the deal, I guess I should just be patient.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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