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added HR21, installer took cable off other still activated receiver

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I just had a HR21 added to my living room HD TV thats also served by a SD DirecTivo unit (I want both to stay there active & installer was told this).. The installer added one sat cable to this location & took the only sat cable off my DTivo for the 2nd tuner of the HR21, now my still activated DTivo has no signal :nono2: . .. The installer is coming back tomorrow because he didn't install the BBCs (& apparently didn't check to be sure I had any signal from sats 99 or 103, nor working HD channels) :icon_dumm, should I make him reconnect my DTivo?
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If the box is on your account and was there first yes make them hook it up. I have 4 feeds into my main room, so it can be done.
Will do.. Thanks for the quick reply guys!
All fixed, a new twin cable to my Tivo & 2 new BBCs on my HR21! I've learned much on this forum over the last month, keep up the good work..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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