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Alright guys, I have only posted a few times, but I have been lurking for a while. I will do my best to describe my set-up and equipment, but please understand I am not completely proficient in the model numbers and names.

Last Fall I upgraded to HD in my home. DirecTV came out and installed a new HD-capable dish and my new HD-DVR (whatever HD-DVR was standard in Fall 2007). I have 3 lines coming down from my dish, 2 go to the HD-DVR, and the other to a Standard Def receiver in the basement.

Option 1: What I want to do. I would like to add HD (HR-21) to the bedroom (probably just 1 tuner rather than dual). Right now with my current set-up I think I need to run a 4th line from my dish (this would go to the new bedroom HD-DVR). Is this correct? And if I do run a fourth line to add a set in the bedroom, I will only be able to use 1 tuner.

Option 2: In the "what is the ideal set-up department", I am thinking this: With the new dish that is being tested (don't know the official name),I could install it, run 1 line to the basement, then use a splitter or multiswitch to route 1 line to each receiver. Is this right? I thought I read where the HRXX HD-DVRs once coupled with this new dish only need 1 wire run to them, even when both tuners are activated. Is this true?

Is Option 1 accurate?

Is Option 2 accurate?

I know this post is a little confusing, and I will try and clear up any details.

Thanks for the help!


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There is a technology called Single Wire Multiswitch that will allow the receiver to need only one wire. However it may not be available in your area.

When you add a DVR you can generally get installation for free and if you let them know up front that you already have three lines in use they will generally add a multiswitch and the extra lines for you.

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You could also purchase a SWM-8 from somewhere like solidsignal.com, if it will be more hassle to run another line to the receiver(s). Hopefully the tech will have one and will include it in the upgrade if that's the case. :)
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