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adding a third box - can I?

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I currently have a 722 in the living room and a 622 in the bedroom. The 722 runs a TV in the play room for the kiddo. I am looking to upgrade the old tube tv in the playroom and, in so doing, need to consider how I will get an HD signal to it.

I guess I will need a third box. Is there anyway around this?

If not, can my one dish power three boxes?

also - the TV that will be going in the play room.....I would like to be able to take it outside to watch on the deck when the weather permits. I can't think of an easy way to do this without having the third box (if that is the route I have to go) go portable and move out there. How would that work? Would they (dish installer) just run a line out there that is "hot" allowing me to move the box at will?

I am sure some of you guys have gone through this already. Can you shed any light?
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i know enough to be dangerous - or maybe even I know so little I would be very dangerous.

where do I find out the answers to the questions you guys have posed? I can figure out the dish pretty easily, I believe. As for switches and lnbs? Hell, I don't know.

I don't think I have this switch if you say it will be expensive. I don't recall spending much, if anything, to get set up.

how do I know what lnbs? I receive channels from 110, 119, and 129. When I go into the set up menus I see the follinwg next to device - DPP Twin, Twin (1), Twin (2) and Dual (3).

Getting another box - what is the limit? is it four tuners? or is it two boxes? I could get by without the 622 in the bedroom if they would allow me two boxes in exchange for that. Otherwise, I could just buy another one for the other rooms, I guess.

ANy more help is greatly appreciated.
also - I currently have only one cable coming out of the wall to each box - it is then split right behind the box with some type of splitter. Not sure if that matters, but thought I would throw that out there since I saw where you said I would be able to run only one line to the boxes up above.
dish 1000 is the dish.
sorry for all the posts....

when I do a check switch - I show device is as follows

119 twin
110 twin
129 dual

Switch DPP Twin w. separator
do I just call dish and ask for this stuff?

lets say I get a new 1000.2 and go that route. Can there be the three lines coming out that are hot to run all of the inside TVs with a way to switch the play room line from hot to not and the outdoor line from not to hot? maybe even just unscrewing a line one place and screwing a different one in? maybe a splitter with a switch on it that allows me to choose which output line is active? does this even exist?

I appreciate all of the patience and help.....I really really do.
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