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adding another 622

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hi guys -

i have a 622 and 1000 dish and i would like to add another 622 (or maybe a 211).

can i buy one on ebay and hook it up myself without paying dish any additional fees?

cable-wise - is it as easy putting a 2 to 1 spliiter in the line coming from the dish.

also - does the 211 have modulator built in for in-home distribution like the 622?

thanks for the info

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There will always be an additional receiver fee (sometimes replaced by a lease fee) for each receiver beyond the first. There will be a no-phone penalty for each dual-output receiver not connected to a phone line. Also the DVR fee applies to each DVR receiver, waived if you have AEP or Platinum.

NO SPLITTERS!! Each receiver must have its own line from the dish or switch. If your Dish 1000 has a DPP Twin, and the new 622 is your second receiver, run another RG6 from the DPP Twin same as the first.

The 211 does have the modulator, but the output is mono instead of MTS. See HDTV Receiver Features.
thanks for your quick response !

i had some questions about some of the terms you used -

what is a switch?, a DPP twin?, and MTS?

in most cases, i am a "plug and play" person - that's why i really appreciate these sites where you can get all these things explained.

A switch allows your receiver to select between 2 or more satellite slots.

The DPP Twin goes on the end of the arm on the Dish 500 or Dish 1000 and has 2 LNBs with integrated DishPro Plus switching and an input for a 3rd satellite feed.

MTS is stereo sound on a TV channel. I don't recall exactly but think it stands for Multi-channel Television Sound.
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