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Adding DTV to a second location as part of a move

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I am planning to move but I expect to have and use two homes for a while. I will be spending about half my time at each and I would like to have DTV at both. Before talking to DTV I wanted to see if anybody has done this and what was required.

My current home is in Pennsylvania. I have two HD DVRs connected to one HD TV and an SD DVR and SD Tivo DVR connected to older CRT TVs. I want a different setup when I move.

The home I am considering buying is in Virginia, had a DTV setup and they are leaving the TVs. There are five, all HD, and provision for a couple more if I want to install them. Everything is already pre-wired. I have absolutely no idea what kind of equipment to install and could use some advice. I assume some kind of whole house setup is the way to go, but I understand that is currently evolving.

Of course, the key factor is the kind of "contract" arrangement. If it were a simple move it would be relatively straight-forward but this is more complicated. I would like to know what is reasonable before actually trying to set it up!
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