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Adjustable Series Link
Clarence said:
BattleScott said:
I think the question is:
'Can I or will I be able to set a series link to record only on a specific date, time and channel?'

-sort of like a one-touch manual record of a time slot...

Please don't ask them to put in 'More' stuff, they can't even get what they already have to work!
I use a manual recording for "The Daily show" at 5:00 am.
If I set up a Series Link, I see a listing of all of the showings. The same show is on at 8pm, 10pm, 5am, 11am and ... I forget.

I can scroll down and hit record on the 5:00am showing.
I would like it to use that as the preferred time. I don't want it to record at 8pm,when I might want to watch something else that isn't available 5 times per day :D

Same thing with "Power Rangers", which is on about 10 times per day. I would like to se the preferred recording time to one of the times in the list.

"Studio 60" on NBC, has several repeated showings.

Monk, has several repeated showings.

I would like to be able to set the preferred time outside of the hours when I might be viewing semi-live TV.

But I would forego that feature in favor of switchable tuners :nono2:
Since the other thread is locked I figured I'd open a new post and answer your question. Even thought you can't set the SL's link to record at 5am or 2am you can put the record at a lower spot on the prioritizer. This way it won't conflict with something that records at 8pm. I have all of the kids shows on the bottom of my prioritizer so that they won't messup any prime time shows.
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