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Hotscot said:
I just got an email outlining new charges. It mentions an "advanced receiver" charge of $8 a month.
Could someone elaborate? I'm not sure what they mean by advanced receiver.
In my site, we have been experimenting with this over the last few months when we set customers up(the wording not the price). Basically, after Feb 8th you won't have DVR/HD service as seperate things. They will fall under "advanced services" and will then be listed $8 and $10. New customers who get an HD DVR will get a $20 charge which includes WHDVR just to make the billing easier. It seems by what we have been told is that D* is really trying hard to eliminate SD recievers being sent out in the field for new customers to save time and money in the near future when they upgrade their existing customers. It seemed really confusing for us at first, but we are really starting to get the hang of it and I think it will make it easier for the customers to understand once it kicks in too, at least new people coming aboard.
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