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I currently have two dish 301s, with two SD Tivos and two HDTVs. I am not under contract with Dish.

My year of free Tivo is up, and I want to upgrade to a HD service.

I could upgrade to a vip622 ($150) or vip722($200) for one room, and a vip211 for the 2nd TV ($50). I need a 500 upgrade as part of this process.

Or I could dump all the dish equip in the dumpster and have a new DirecTV system put in. My concern with the DirecTV option is the DVR.. if it's not at least close to Tivo functionally, the spouse unit will be very cranky. :)


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Honestly, DirecTV's HD-DVR is quite close these days (it has improved a lot over the last two years, and continues to be actively developed). The interface has some differences that you will have to get used to, but it is closer to the TiVo interface (and simpler in a few respects) than the Dish DVR. Dish's DVR gives you a bit more ability to "fine-tune" things, but has more steps and menus to navigate through, and is less intuitive.

I have worked for both companies, and currently work for Dish, but have DirecTV at home and wouldn't switch.

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DIRECTV's HD DVRs are decidedly not as reliable or competant at DVRing as almost any TiVo (save perhaps the DirecTiVos). As IIP points out, they have improved substantially in the last two years, but they still exhibit many problems for some of their users.

The problem with TiVo at this point is that it doesn't do HD with either DIRECTV or DISH Network. TiVo has announced their new DIRECTV compatible model, but the delivery is pretty much up in the air if their collaborations with various cable companies are any indication.

The DIRECTV solution would necessarily represent a set top box for each TV.

Both companies would rope you into a 24 month commitment.

Your DIRECTV "signing bonus" opportunities are significant.

Depending on where you live in Michigan, you may get a smaller dish with DISH or you may need two dishes.
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