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Age old vacation question

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I am going on a 5 week Florida vacation starting Dec. 29.

Should I:

1. Leave my HR20-700 on?
2. Pull the power on it?
3. Delete my season passes (ex Tivo owner) so it doesn't grind away forever?

If I don't have the 104 update by then I will leave it on for sure.

Opinions/advice appreciated.

John - Iowa
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1) Leave it on
2) Only if you don't want it to record anything
3) Won't make a difference, in the "long" run on the unit...
Only power it off (and you have to unplug it to do that) if you don't want to record anything while you are gone. That would be the only reason to do it.
We would be glad to have you spend your vacation and lots of money here. Give the mice a kiss for me. You do have round trip tickets?
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