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I'd be interested to see everyone's predictions for the Division Series. Here's mine:

Twins vs. A's: A's
Angels vs. Yanks: Yanks
Cardinals vs. D'Backs: D'Backs
Giants vs. Braves: Giants

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Can I just say that if you told me at the beginning of the playoffs we'd see Twins vs. Angels and SF vs. St. Louis, I would have LMAO.

:confused: Whodathought?

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After game one of the ALCS, I see the Twins and Cardinals going to the world series. I could just see the look on Selig and Murdochs face. Just goes to show that the MLB needs someone else in charge, someone with a little bit more vision, knowledge of the game.

Poor Murdoch spending all the money going after the rights for the World Series and all he gets in return is the Twins/Cardinals. I will probably be wrong(especially if you take in account of how I did with Football last week), but hopefully I am not
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